Devon & Matt

We look forward to expanding our family and showing a child how each moment must be lived and appreciated.

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Our Everyday Life

This is us…

• We met in high school and are still best friends. This year marks seventeen together and ten years married. We have always planned to expand our family!
• We both come from large, loving, and loud families.
• One of our favorite places to visit is quiet, relaxing Sanibel Island, Florida.
• Any time someone comes to visit, we take them to the North Carolina Zoo.
• We love a good brunch and are always up for an ice-cream run!


…an annual tradition at our house – it’s scheduled close to Easter and we collect all of our friends for a huge feast. Devon makes all of the food from scratch and sends everyone home with enough food for the next few days.

About Devon (By Matt)

Devon and our bonus niece have fun spending time together!

Devon’s creativity shines throughout our home. She is able to transform any space, event or meal, into a work of art. She would do absolutely anything for a friend. She seems to know what people need before they do! Her love language is food and Devon makes sure to celebrate every milestone that her friends and family reach.

Devon has always been driven to be the mom that makes the best chocolate chip cookies! When we are blessed with the opportunity to expand our family, she will be a full-time stay at home mom.

Devon has a bachelor’s degree in business management, enjoys catering, and has previously worked in Event Management and the bridal industry.

About Matt (By Devon)

Matt and our bonus nephew outside playing!

Matt is a friendly, warm person who typically knows the name of the neighbor’s dog before the people. He has a quiet presence that is comforting and makes people feel safe in his company. Matt has a huge heart and wants to know what is happening with everyone, often seeing the best in every situation.

Matt has a master’s degree and works in technology for the finance industry. He works from home and has the flexibility to adjust his schedule as needed to manage commitments for our family.

Hear About Devon from Matt
Hear About Matt from Devon

All are welcome here!

We built our dream home, a spacious four-bedroom home with a large yard on a quiet street, in 2017. Our neighbors have become family to us. It is a diverse group of people who love and support one another.

OUR FUR BABIES AKA “THE BOYS” Quincy is the oldest and more interested in people than dogs. Griffin loves everyone and is quite perky! They both love children and even our two-year-old neighbor holds Quincy’s leash and “pretend walks” him. They both love snuggling with kids!

25 Questions with Devon
25 Questions with Matt

Devon and her niece enjoy a glamour girls night at home!

Taking our neighbor’s Gator out for a spin!

We are known for feeding people we love…

…whether it’s a big feast in our home, a surprise weekday treat, or holiday shipment of cookies. At Thanksgiving, we drop off fresh-baked cinnamon rolls to our friends in the neighborhood. We also bake Christmas cookies, averaging about 58 different varieties, which equals a whopping eight to ten thousand total cookies each year! In 2021, Devon’s girlfriends in the neighborhood came over to help decorate, package, deliver and ship them throughout the country and beyond!

Santa’s Christmas cookies!

Always cooking up something amazing!

Matt’s big blended family!

Devon’s family.

Thanks for getting to know us

We have built a life that centers around both born family and built family. We have a loving network of people, and it is important to us that our child knows love and support beyond just the two of us.

We, along with our family and friends, are ready to embrace our new addition with open hearts!

As parents…

We will be hands-on parents, teaching important values, as well as how to have fun and not take life too seriously. Our child will not want for anything, but they will also know the value of a dollar and the importance of hard work. We have a deep love and respect that is also realistic and practical – an important part of our approach to parenting.

Devon and Matt

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